Message from the PMC

 27 September 2020

 Message from the PMC

 Good day everyone,

 I hope that you and your family are doing well.  As you can see in the news, the second wave has started or is about to start, and the re-opening of the Mess is again delayed.  I will not attempt to be a fortune teller, and forecast any date for the re-opening of the Mess.  However, you can rest assured that the Hospitality Program, the pizza on the third Thursday of each month, and the weekly draw for gift certificates will remain in place. 

 The Mess Manager and the Executive are monitoring the finances closely.  It is not the time to create a deficit nor is the intent to accumulate a surplus.  With no bar sales - normally the main source of revenues for the Mess, there is little room for mistakes.  The Entertainment Committee tried to organise a low cost on-line event, but was cancelled due to the lack of interest. 

  The Entertainment Committee is still eager to try again.  An on-line survey to determine your interest for a virtual Escape Room or a Murder Mystery will be released soon. Your input is needed before committing funds from the Mess toward such activities. 

 The AGM that was initially scheduled for last Friday has been postponed to the 23rd of October. Too many activities happening on the Station, and not enough people registering for the virtual AGM.  Please note the documentation for the AGM is being published on the ARM Website at the following link:  One important action that shall be conducted in accordance with the ARM Constitution & Bylaws is the yearly review of the mess dues by the membership (Article 808). So I hope that everyone will take the time to connect to the AGM.

 Did anyone take advantage of the discount offered by Houseboat Holiday for a houseboat this summer? Please let us know.

 That will be it for today.  If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact me (eric.lacasse <at> forces <dot> gc <dot> ca), PO Alex Dori (Alessandro <dot> dori2 <at> forces <dot> gc <dot> ca), or the positional mailbox for the Executive (+CFS Leitrim Mess Executive Committee - SFC Leitrim Mess Comite Executif@CFSU(O) PSP@Ottawa-Hull)


Eric Lacasse