Message from the PMC

Good day everyone,

             I hope that you are doing well, provinces are re-opening cautiously.  There is no words yet on when the Mess will be re-opening.  However, this doesn’t stop the Mess Executive Committee in and getting ready to resume activities, and to try new activities.  

The Hospitality Program is still operational. TGIT on the third Thursday of each month is ongoing, and now the weekly draw for gift certificates is ongoing since the end of May.

In preparation for running a virtual AGM and other activities, the Tech Master Sub-committee did stream the CFIOG Commander change of command ceremony between Col D. Yarker and Col M. Parsons at the end of June.  300 plus persons connected to the event through YouTube. If you are interested to see the Ceremony, the link available from the ARM website (  A special thanks to CWO R. Boucher for donating a nice podium made of wood. 

Podium donated by CWO R. Boucher to the ARM

The first quarter of the fiscal year just ended.  The Mess manager and I have reviewed the April and May financial statements, and I can tell you that the Mess is not running a deficit, nor accumulating a surplus.  With no bar sales, there is little room for mistakes.  I am still awaiting the financial statement for June to complete the review.  Leaning forward to offer some services, the Mess Executive has agreed to provide some funding to the Entertainment Representative - MCpl Dianne Thibodeau to try to organize an on-line gaming event. 

            Looking for a fun holiday within 250Km from home?  The Mess Committee has made a deal with Mr. Pete Latch of Houseboat Holiday ( ) from Gananoque.  He is offering a 10% discount to all members of the CFS Leitrim Mess who are renting a houseboat this summer.  So if you choose to rent a houseboat, make sure to mention that you are a member of the CFS Leitrim. And remember don’t go to the U.S.

 That will be it for this week.  If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact me ( [_AT_] gmail [_DOT_] com ) or PO Alex Dori (doricookie [_AT_] hotmail [_DOT_] com)


Eric Lacasse