Message from the PMC

26 May 2020

Message from the PMC

Good day everyone,

I hope that you are doing well.  I am writing to you to give you an update on what it is happening at the ARM.

First, you should know that the Hospitalisation Program has remained operational throughout the physical closure of the ARM, providing assistance to the new parents as well as some of our brothers/sisters that were admitted to the hospital.  Additionally, pizza is being distributed for the people working at the Station or at CFEWC on the third Thursday of each month.  Starting the week of the 18th of May, a weekly draw for grocery gift certificates is being conducted. 

For the past three weeks, the Mess Committee has been learning how to meet virtually.  Thanks to the patience of Sgt Corey Forman and his know-how, we have evolved from telephone conference to video conference that allow us to chat, make presentations and create shared notes. 

Since we now know that a vaccine is likely many months away, it is unlikely that the mess will reopen in the near future.  As such, the Committee is reviewing how to provide services while we are living within this latent threat environment that precludes us from physically meeting.  Virtual gathering is the new normal, and we are looking to transform some of the mess activities accordingly.  We are in the process is setting up a video streaming capability at the ARM that will enable the provision of e-services.

Before going forward in changing how the Mess is delivering services to its members, we reviewed the budget to ensure there are sufficient finances available.  The ARM relies on two sources of revenue; Mess dues, which covers the operations and maintenance costs (including employees’ wages), and bar sales, which provides the profit. With the Mess physically closed, the Mess does not have the normal profit building revenue, however, the CDS and CFMWS have stated that they will cover the wages for our Mess staff.  This provide the financial breathing room to provide some services without running into a deficit. 

If you are interested in connecting to the Mess virtually, you will need to provide your personal email address (Yahoo, Gmail,…) to Tapp.lori _at_ cfmws _dot_ com.   I also encourage you to join the ARM Facebook site.  Please mentioned to Lori if you would like to connect to the ARM Facebook.  If you have any questions, queries please don’t hesitate to contact me ( _at_ gmail _dot_ com ) or PO Alex Dori (doricookie _at_ hotmail _dot_ com)


Eric Lacasse