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Message from the VPMC

ALL: Please find below a message from the VPMC:
Good day all, A note from the ARM Executive. The Executive is working on the possibility to conduct our next AGM through live streaming. The date that we are aiming for now is the 4th of September (time TBC), we are working through some technical challenges.
The change of PMC is to occur at the AGM. Maj Eric Lacasse will remain as an advisor on the executive, and I will become the 2020/2021 PMC. The election of a new Executive will be conducted at the September AGM. In accordance with the Mess Constitution, all positions on the Executive are to be elected, except for the PMC and V/PMC who are appointed by the Station CO.
The positions are: • Secretary; • Treasurer; • Bar member; • Chairperson of Entertainment Committee; • Vice-Chairperson of Entertainment Committee; • Housing Rep; • Hospitality Rep; • Sports Rep; • Digital Media Rep; and • Tech Master.

I would like to take the occasion to personally, thank the following members of the Exe…

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