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Message from the PMC / Message du PCM

Good day all,

On behalf of the ARM Executive, I would like to provide a quick update on the Mess status. Another month has passed by and there is no potential date for the Mess to re-open.  The second wave is ongoing, and it seems that it is striking harder.
Over the last six months, we have been tracking the finances, and trying to determine the financial impact of the pandemic on the ARM.  The single source of revenues is the mess dues, and there are monthly bills that need to be paid.  With the current level of services provided (pizza once a month, weekly gift certificates,…) the cash flow increases by approximately $1,000.  So there is no requirement to increase the mess dues and we can keep the same level of services.  Different opening scenarios (January 2021, April 2021, and July 2021) have been looked at, and regardless of the scenario, it is prudent to assume that the Mess will not be generating any revenues from the bar for a period of four to six months once its re-opens.  T…

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